Energy Storage Industry Takes Significant Steps to Lead on Safety and Support Communities

Press Release

Jun 27 2024

PORTLAND, OR, June 27, 2024 — The 鶹ҹ Association (ACP) today announced an important policy effort to promote the current best-in-class safety measures for energy storage technology systems. This includes policy recommendations for local and state governments to use and adopt such safety measures.

Today, ACP published a model ordinance framework providing comprehensive guidance for state and local governments developing siting and permitting rules related to developing and operating utility-scale battery energy storage systems. This framework builds upon ACP’s support for the adoption of the latest safety standards, and incorporates requirements and guidance established by the National Fire Protection Association safety standard for energy storage, .

The model ordinance serves as a guiding framework for thousands of counties and municipalities across the country seeking to develop regulations for energy storage facilities in their community. It includes policy language for incorporation or adoption by state and local governments related to the issues of:

  • Permitting Procedures
  • Siting Standards
  • Land Use & Zoning
  • Safety & Equipment Certifications
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Decommissioning

The recommendations and considerations included in this framework draw from a variety of sources, including:

  • National fire safety standards (such as and )
  • Guidance established by national energy laboratories
  • Existing state laws and local regulations

This announcement comes as hundreds of leaders from the sector gather over two days to advance the industry across multiple priorities at the inaugural ACP RECHARGE: Energy Storage Summit.

Importantly, today’s announcement comes with a reaffirmation of our industry’s commitment to coordinate closely with fire officials throughout both the development and lifetime operation of projects. This includes regular and transparent communication, training, and site visits to foster partnerships that enhance coordination and maintain safety during the life of an energy storage facility.

“The energy storage industry has consistently been on the forefront of promoting and demonstrating excellence in safety and reliability,” said Frank Macchiarola, Chief Policy Officer of ACP. “These efforts build upon that work and represent the most expansive and meaningful efforts to date in promoting the adoption of the latest national safety standards, as well as the development of rigorous and reasonable rules for the development and operation of battery energy storage resources. These resources ensure communities can responsibly facilitate the deployment of energy storage and benefit from the technology’s unique ability to boost grid reliability and lower energy costs.”

“Utility scale storage is a safe and reliable tool necessary for a sustainable and resilient energy transition,” said Stephanie Smith, COO of Eolian. “Across the industry, we are committed to integrating battery energy storage systems into the grid with safety at the forefront. ACP’s model ordinance is a proactive step toward helping communities across the country incorporate these important energy resources safely and effectively.”

“Communities and businesses should adopt NPFA 855, as it is the best-in-class standard and it has been vetted through many different sides of the equation including with fire officials, engineers, developers, project managers, and planners,” said Bobby Ruiz, Project Director for Hiller Company and Former Fire Chief of Peoria, Arizona. “NFPA 855 represents a comprehensive effort to put together regulations and codes with community members in mind. It is encouraging to see ACP’s model ordinance reflect these efforts.”

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